The solution to your subsurface digital transformation

How confident are you that your data will be there when you are building that presentation for tomorrow’s board meeting?

Engineering your unconventional reservoir is every bit as much about data as it is about engineering.

Can you quickly perform a study that integrates in-house data, data from other operators (data trades, non-operated wells, etc), and data from commercial data sources? Is your team ready today for that big machine learning project, field study, or completions optimization lookback? Or does just about every project start with a lengthy manual data gathering, cleansing, and formatting process that leaves very little time for actual analysis?

Unfortunately, without quality data in a readily consumable format it is just about impossible to perform studies efficiently, fully leverage the power of machine learning, and have a real-time understanding of the profitability of you business projects, such as your current year’s drilling program, completions optimization program, well spacing pilots, etc.

How much is your data actually costing you?

If you are one of the fortunate few who currently have access to quality data, do you know how much time your team is spending on organizing and maintaining that data? Often, when you take a look at the time required to maintain a good internal data source it is surprising to find out how expensive that data actually is!

What other important projects could your team be working on if they were freed up from the critical yet time consuming tasks of routine data maintenance?

What would a secure, robust, and scalable data management solution mean for your team?

Don’t let your data management strategy be your weakest link!  Data doesn’t have to be stored in a variety of sources and cobbled together with the hope that files don’t get moved, lost, or corrupted. It doesn’t have to consume so much of your team’s most valuable resource – time. 

Contact us today about how we can help you leverage modern data technologies to streamline your engineering and subsurface workflows.


We not only understand the data technologies, but also the engineering and business aspects of what you are trying to accomplish.  Our owner is a former Engineering Director at Pioneer Natural Resources, where his team was involved in all aspects of horizontal Wolfcamp Shale field development, including completions design, well spacing, well performance analysis, and artificial lift.  


Our clints have ranged from large, integrated national oil companies to small, PE backed management teams.  As such, we have a variety of business models to meet your cost expectations and the expertise of your staff.  We can provide a cloud-based solution where we maintain all of your data for you, integrate your data into an on-premise data warehouse and train your staff to maintain it, or simply advise you as you and your staff do all of the work.


We have many pre-built transformations to enhance the value of your raw data and which are automatically run as data is loaded into a data warehouse, including:
– Well spacing attributes
– Bottom-hole pressure calculations
– Production statistics
– Automated decline-curve analysis
– Completions metrics
– A simplified economics engine for lookback analysis and project tracking

Our Team

Our team of data experts have an extensive background in engineering and analytics at major oil companies and large independent oil and gas companies.  In addition, they have a substantial background in data management and software development.

Ray Flumerfelt 

Subsurface Solutions

Ray recently served as an Engineering Director at Pioneer Natural Resources where his team was responsible for reservoir engineering studies and completions design/optimization in the Midland Basin.  Leveraging a variety of data intensive analyses, machine learning, and subsurface modeling tools, Ray’s team improved well performance and capital efficiency every year for the six years he worked in the Permian asset.  Ray not only knows how to leverage data to improve key business decisions, he understands the time and burdens that his team faced maintaining a robust database of unconventional wells in the Permian Basin.

Ray’s passion for digital workflows and software development began when he was a student at Texas A&M University.  While at A&M, Ray Founded Petroleum Applications Systems where he developed his first commercial software product, the Petroleum Engineering Applications card for Hewlett Packard 48SX and 48GX calculators.  

Mary Lynn Clark

Data Architect

Mary Lynn recently served as an Engineering Analyst Technical Advisor at Pioneer Natural Resources where she helped design and develop a variety of subsurface and well life cycle databases, integration workflows, and data warehouses. She also developed associated applications, workflows, and analytics tools.

Prior to Pioneer, Mary Lynn was engaged in software development, web design, data modeling, and analysis projects for a variety of industries. She is well versed in every stage of the solution development life cycle, including requirements definition, application design, data architecture, programming, project management, technical writing, and user training.


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